Evanston Public Library Remote Access Login

To use this resource from outside the library you must be an Evanston resident.

Please enter your Library Card number:

Enter all 14 digits from the front of your library card without any spaces.


Why do I need to log in to use these on-line resources?
Unlike free, ad supported websites, library online services are licensed for use by Evanston residents only. We are required by the vendors to verify that home users are Evanston residents.
What if I don't have a library card?
You will need to come in to the Library to get one. You should bring ID with proof of address to show you are an Evanston resident. Your library card will give you access to these resources and more.
What if I don't live in Evanston?
You are welcome to come to the library and use these resources in person, although we cannot allow remote access. However, almost all public libraries offer similar online resources from home; go to publiclibraries.com to find your local public library site.
I am entering my library card number, but I still can't get in.
Check that you are entering the whole 14 digits correctly, without spaces. (You probably did that already, but it never hurts to try the simple things first.) If your library card number is not recognized by the system it is probably for one of three reasons: your card has expired, there is an error in your record, or you got your card within the last few hours.
I can access the resource, but I need help using it.
Call the Reference desk at 847-448-8630 or IM us any time the library is open and a librarian will be happy to get you started. You can also email us anytime. The next time you are in the library, visit the 3rd floor and ask a Reference librarian for a guided tour of our databases.
I can access the resource, but not all of its features seem to be working right.
It may be a browser specific issue; if you have another browser installed on your computer you could try using that instead. If you're still having trouble, contact the Reference desk and we'll try to help.

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